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Get ready to relax and step into a sense of calm! The Namaste Candle is the perfect candle to have your home smelling like an at-home spa. With the aromas of Eucalyptus and Spearmint, you'll be feeling calm and stress-free.


Top: lemon, orange
Mid: eucalyptus, spearmint, parsley, lavender
Base: soft woods, sage

Burn time for these candles is approximately 30-40 hours. We recommend burning in 3 hour increments to get the most out of the candle. But we know most people let them burn for much longer, so no worries, it it still as fragrant from beginning to end.

6 oz jars Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and smaller living spaces.

Namaste Candle

SKU: P-NA-0320-S
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