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Whether you need to moisturize or you just need a reboot in freshness our 100% Organic ingredients are a perfect match for you with all-natural experience!

Yoni oil also known best as vaginal massaging oil. Yoni oil is a great natural remedy to keep skin hydrated and feeling fresh, reduce razor bumps, after shower body oil and much more.

This organic yoni oil is filled with wonder organic herbs that are known for rejuvenation properties.

Will it work for me?

This question is very normal as you want to be sure it will work for you, but you must understand that everyone's experience will be different. Try a drop of oil on your skin to test your skin's sensitivity level. If skin does not become irritated proceed to rub oil only on outer vaginal areas. NEVER put inside your vaginal canal or on vulva.

Herbs used in Yoni Oil:

Marigold: known to aide in relief for Vaginal infections, rashes, menstrual pain and inflammation.

Chamomile: known to aid in relief for stress, anxiety, sore muscles, menstruation pain and sleep.

Lavender: known to aid in relief for muscle pain, soreness, stress, anxiety, antibacterial, reduces inflammation.

Oregano: known to aide in relief for fighting bacteria, digestive conditions, high in antioxidants, and reduces inflammation.

Yarrow: known to aid in relief for GI tract discomfort, anxiety, stress, menstruation pain, digestive discomfort, and sooth muscles.

Sage: known to aid in relief for digestive conditions, known to have anti-cancer properties, stress, improves mood and antibacterial.

Roses: known to aide in relief for stress, vaginal infections, promotes PH balance and improves mood.

After showering, apply 2-3 drops of oil on your finger and rub on your intimate areas (labia, clitoris, and anus). Although made with natural ingredients, we do not recommend inserting it inside vagina. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!

Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Rosehip Oil, vitamin e, herbal blend, and lavender essential oil.

**Legal Disclaimer: Our products are natural and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical conditions. For legal reasons you should always consult your doctor before starting/using any products especially during pregnancy or for treatment of a medical condition.

Always spot test new products in a small area before use on body.

Size: 2 fl oz

Yoni Goddess Oil

SKU: P-YO-H-0071-S
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