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Soy Massage Candles (Scented)

-Organic avocado oil
-Organic shea butter, coco butter and mango butter
-Vitamin E
-100% Pure Soy and beeswax
-Hand Poured

Coco Select regularly and thoroughly tests our candles ensuring the best combination of scent and color. The candles are hand-poured in small batches of 5 or 10 at a time, ensuring each candle is of the highest quality possible.

Currently available in Mango, Very Vanilla, Ocean Breeze, Sea Salt & Orchid and White Sage & Lavender

Soy wax candles are the best!
* Soy wax is water soluble.
* Soy wax is biodegradable.
* Soy wax is non-toxic.
* Soy wax is a renewable resource.

Burning Instructions:

To use your massage candle, trim wick to 1/4inch before every use
Light the candle and let a melt pool form (5-10mins)
Extinguish the flame
Dip your fingers directly into the melted oils or pour the melted oils out of the tin and use for massage.

3.5oz tin container

Massage Candles 3.5oz

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