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If you like Baccarat Rouge 540 you will love our very rich body butter.

Our Body Butter is creamy and very moisturizing without being sticky, tacky or greasy.100% Handmade with quality ingredients.

Our whipped body butter is made with cocoa butter, mango butter, soy butter, arrowroot powder and vitamin E.

These are true body butters, not creams. a little goes a loooong way, and feels like velvet.

Our body butters are heat sensitive and may melt during shipping. As with most natural products, avoid contact with water or moisture, as this can shorten the shelf life. It is recommended to use a clean spoon to "scoop" out product for use, or at least clean dry hands to prevent contamination.

**We only ship our Body Butters Monday - Wednesday during the summer time, we freeze them before shipping to help combat this issue**

Place in a cool environment to keep consistency.


Baccarat Rouge 540 *Type* Body Butter

SKU: P-BA-0356-S
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